"The Boys & Girls Club of Anaheim has such a wonderful and upbeat energy. Staff members have created a family environment in which the children can feel safe, learn, and have fun in. The interactions that club members gain from one another as well as with the staff strengthens member's confidence and overall development. Most importantly, the staff at the Boys & Girls Club is determined to create positive experiences for all the children in the club." - Ariann, Intern
"I interned for the Boys & Girls club of Anaheim for a few months. I implemented and assisted in the programs they offer for the kids and I also researched new ideas for programs. What I saw in my time interning with them is a place of growth and commitment; commitment to the kids they serve by providing them a place to grow and feel safe. The club goes above and beyond for youth and their families by providing classes and donations to the families who need the help. In working with low income families I saw my calling. I now work for CalWorks providing low income families with the adequate training and disbursement that they require. My time at the Boys & Girls clubs of Anaheim was inspiring and it helped further along my career." - Blanca, Intern
The Boys and Girls Club of Anaheim is a great club! My child has been a member for several years. He has enjoyed many after school activities. The Boys and Girls Club of Anaheim provides a safe place for my son to interact with other kids his age in a safe environment. The staff members are well trained; and they have a good rapport with the kids in the neighborhood. As a parent I feel my son is in good hands with the Boys and Girls club of Anaheim! - Cathy, Mother
"Being an intern at the Boys and Girls Club of Anaheim was a great experience and a terrific way to give back to the community. I had the opportunity to work with both the teens and kids at both sites leading programs that provide the youth with valuable life lessons. The club's programs and services promote characteristics of confidence, honesty, self-worth, and much more, led by a great staff who serve as positive role models for the kids. The Boys and Girls Club of Anaheim provides a fun learning environment for all the members in guiding them into their future development." - Rocco, Intern
The Boys and Girls Club has been an extraordinary program that has given me a peace of mind as a single mom. My kids are in a safe environment and learning to interact and handle conflict on their own with guidance from the staff. 
My boys have been in regular daycare for the last 10 years and moving them to a different type of program was real hard for me. I tested out the B&G’s when they were off of Broadway during a spring break a couple years ago and didn’t bring them back until they moved to Rivera due to my own insecurities. 
I lost my subsidized childcare and didn’t know where to turn so I wound up at B&G’s very fearful my kids who have been sheltered all their lives wouldn’t make it in this new environment. Boy was I wrong this club and it’s mentorship has been a huge relief for me, my boys are building relationships and trust in people that I really shouldn’t have had concerns, but again my own insecurities. 
Being part of the Boys and Girls Club has been very rewarding. Their father passed away when they were very young so building positive relationships with male role models is such a blessing. My boys are learning that they need to earn certain things that are a privilege not a right. They are learning to respect themselves and others. - Amber Puertas, Mother

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Anaheim is a home away from home for both members of the club and the staff alike. I interned at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Anaheim during the Summer of 2016 and I have nothing but great things to say about my experience. Upon my first day of arrival at the club, I immediately noticed that the Boys & Girls Clubs of Anaheim exuded an aura of amiability and inclusivity. Needless to say, I felt welcomed from day one. I was able to assist the staff members in providing enjoyable and enriching program activities that served to stimulate the physical, emotional, and mental development of the club members. Throughout my time interning at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Anaheim, I noticed that the young members of the club truly enjoyed their time at the club and highly respected their staff members. I firmly believe that with each passing year, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Anaheim continues to make a positive impact in the lives of our growing youth. - Jessica Zamora, Intern
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